The Sustainable Building Resources Management is a platform to analyse in real time the place and the use where is installed.

The SBRM optimizes the equipment’s use, Optimizes the energy consumption in equipment’s use,
Reduce maintenance costs, Reduce light consumption, Optimize the use of water, Increases fault detection,
Adds energy savings, Adds better local air quality, Avoids water leaks, shut down the water when it not necessary or the workplace is not in use, offers resource consumption analysis (Water and Energy) and when it is necessary, take decisions according to operational rules defined according to the place.

“The resources savings due to intelligent efficiency is the difference between a system that is occasionally optimized and one that is always optimized and continuously improved.”

An intelligent management water system on their own can save anywhere from 40-70% on water savings and guarantees water continuity even when water scarcity situations happen, depending on whether the system has detection and local decision embedded.

IsGreen – Smart Energy

The right amount of light only 
when and where needed

Bande – Water Management

For a waterfull future


Intelligent Lighting
    Manages energy demand:

  • Smart light management
  • Turns on and off equipment
  • Disconnects HVAC when occupancy is null
  • Performs usage and consumption time analysis

Detects events and casts alerts when:

  • Consumption increases beyond predicted
  • Anomalous situations happen
  • There’s unexpected occupancy
Water management
    Shut down the water feed when:

  • There’s a leak
  • Occupancy is null
  • There’s no predicted water use

When there are water supply restrictions:

  • Reduces flow
  • Time shifts noncritical demand
  • Closes valve feeding nonessential sectors
Air Quality Control
    Air Quality Control at:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Disconnect Ventilation when occupancy is null
  • Analize in Real Time the indoors air quality/li>

IoT solution:

  • Device with long life battery
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IoT Technology
    IoT technology to:

  • iTracker – Location of old people & children at home
  • iAsset – Real-time safety to art and painting with alerts
  • iDefender – Home & office Intrusion detection
  • iCar – Safety of the vehicle in the parking lot (indoors & outdoors)/li>
  • iLocator – Smart asset locator and management/li>
Reporting & Maintenance

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