Cape Town has been recently in the news due to water scarcity. Right now other towns in India, Brazil and Mozambique are facing the same challenge. As have Rome, Barcelona and Malta in recent years.
The World Bank estimates that 40% of the world population live in water scarce areas. By 2025, about 1.8 billion people will be living in regions or countries with absolute water scarcity. And also estimate that approximately ¼ of world’s GDP is exposed to this challenge.

Water security is a major – and often growing –challenge for many countries today. And climate change will worsen the situation by altering hydrological cycles, making water more unpredictable and increasing the frequency and intensity of floods and droughts.
To tackle this challenge is not enough to focus on abstraction and distribution issues. One must also look at the demand side, to improve water use efficiency, and implement greywater reuse, namely in buildings.

SST leveraged on its large experience in buildings smart energy management to develop solutions for efficient water management in buildings under the BANDE brand.
BANDE balances short term water availability to water needs in an automatic and autonomous way.
BANDE monitors and forecasts supply conditions and actively manage water usage, by buffering supply in a storage tank, regulating flow according to needs priorities and time shifting usage whenever possible.

SST is confident that BANDE solutions are a plus to mitigate water shortages for hospitality and other buildings in European drought prone islands as Madeira, Canaries and Malta.